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Now that the nice weather is here, there are certain places that those close to me can find me if I am… well, hiding.  And with the weather is as nice as it has been (ie: 80’s and sunny) I have been hiding pretty much all weekend…

Here are a few of my recent hiding spots:

1. The Pool

Memorial Day weekend not only honors all those men and women who have fought for our freedoms, but also marks the “beginning” of summer and therefore our pool opening! So, of course I was there bright and early yesterday to get my tan on and enjoy the day poolside with the rest of my family. It was such an amazing day, weather wise, that we all just kind of veged out and took in the sunshine that has been missing for much too long.


2. Backyard BBQ

I love, love bbq’s. Even though I am not a big “meat” person, something about sitting outside in the sun with your family and friends is totally my ideal day. This past Saturday we celebrated my cousin’s graduation (she completed her Master’s program!) with good food and even better company. I don’t see my cousin (on my father’s side) and her family nearly enough, so the last minute party was a pleasant surprise!


Hampton Beach:

What can I say about Hampton Beach? It is absolutely, positively your typical “Jersey Shore” type place – a strip of arcades, food, and drinks! It couldn’t be cheesier and it is a tourist trap to the max, but alas holds a special place in my heart as I would visit here every summer as kid. When we awoke this morning and saw it was hot but mostly overcast, we decided to take the 40 minute drive North and hit beach to partake in it’s opening weekend. We had lunch at the Sea Ketch and then strolled the strip and took in the scenery. The weather North was actually much better than home, so the beach was packed and the place was bustling. I got my mandatory fried dough, hit the taffy shop, and braved the traffic homewards.

Needless to say, the weekend went by much too quickly. The fact that I got more than one day in a row with the BF was really a treat (he is been working like a madman!) and I wish we had just one more day to recover from the weekend itself and just chill out.

Hopefully this great weather continues because I can’t wait to do everything we did this weekend ALL. SUMMER. LONG!





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Ah, the weather has been absolutely amazing here in Boston. The hotter, the better and yesterday I think it got up into the 80’s. Swoon. This past week the BF has been working pretty much non-stop, and he finally had a day off (he did have to work the night shift) A day off and the beautiful weather prompted us to take a field trip to the totally adorable town of Newburyport. (Here is our field trip via photos:)

Seriously, one of the cutest towns I have ever seen! Even though we came here last summer, we didn’t get a chance to walk around the town. But first, we needed fuel. My only request was that we ate outside, so we ended up at the Black Cow. We scored an amazing table outside on the patio, practically on top of the water. The view was amazing! I loved seeing the hustle and bustle of the fishing boats as they prepare for the summer season…


After fueling up, I was on mission to walk into the center of town. I love quaint, little towns (being from a busy city and all) so I feel in love with this place. The streets are lined with shops of all kinds, and the BF and I just enjoyed walking around and getting in some talk time with each other.


The center of town...


After walking around town, we decided to follow the path along the water on the way back to where we had parked.


 I don’t think I could asked for better weather. We had even seen some teenagers who were soaked from head to toe (guess they couldn’t handle the heat?)

It really was just a perfect day (not just weather wise; but face time with my BF wise too!) and it makes me excited for the summer months ahead…



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There are so many things that I have seen out and about that I am absolutely loving at this moment. I figured this beautiful Thursday would be no better time to share all the love with a post. That way, I can link it back to my BF in case he is feeling generous

3 Things I’m Loving Thursday

1. Rompers

Last summer, rompers were just becoming more popular (at least where I live) and I feel in love.. This season it seems that there are more and more colors/patterns/varieties to choose from, and I have seen so many that I like! At first, I was a little afraid of rompers because I assumed that they just wouldn’t fit my body in a flattering way. Thankfully, I have found a few that fit well and are comfortable (and don’t ride up my crotch)

– – – – –

2. Short sleeved pullovers & hoodies

The majority of what I wear is usually based on comfort and then style. I grabbed a few short sleeved hoodies and pullovers from a couple of stores, including Old Navy and instantly feel in love. They are perfect for the weather we have here in Boston (it gets pretty chilly at night or when near the water) and are so comfortable. I only wish that I could find a few more because I would totally wear these all summer long!


3. Feather Hair Extensions

I am so freaking excited for my appointment on Tuesday to get my hair done; which includes a few feather extensions! I think they are subtle enough, yet look beautiful in hair. They come in all colors and kinds, so it is easy to match with all hair colors and cuts. It took a few calls to find a salon that had them and were certified in the process, so I am psyched to finally have my appointment. My only issue now is that I think I may want to change up my color a bit (nothing drastic) but I just don’t know what I want. Hmmmm…


Q. Loving anything lately?



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I am not a number person. Blame it on my hate for Math and any other math-related school subject, but numbers and I just do not get along. I always let someone else figure out the tip, always pass off the score envelope on Rummy 500 when the adding has to be done (because everyone else uses old mail envelopes for score keeping – right?) and 2 semesters ago was the hardest school semester of my life due to my statistics class. Why the number talk you ask? Well, yesterday I read a great post about calorie counting and it really got my mind going (love, love when a blog post does that, fyi) about my own relationship with calories and numbers.


I am sure like many other people out there, calorie counting and I go waaaaay back. When I first started on my weight loss journey I was completely clueless as to what a calorie even was. I never gave a thought as to what I was put inside my body, and thankfully not because all I ate back then was garbage. Salad, to me as a teenager, was two pieces of lettuce and half a bottle of salad dressing. I had no concept of what was healthy and what wasn’t, which is partly the reason I turned to so many fad diets.

I think the first diet I started was the Slim Fast diet; the one with the shakes that taste like chalk. I have said before that I have tried them from Atkins to South Beach to the Caffeine & Nicotine diet (similar to the ‘Red Bull Diet‘ except with the addition of nicotine) and of course had no success. I would “diet” for a bit and then lose steam and end up giving up and eating 2 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese. The cycle just kept going – and a vicious cycle it was. I would fail at whatever ‘diet’ I was on that week and then feel guilty and bad for failing, overeat and eat junk for 3 days, then feel guilty because of the overeating and try another diet plan.

It was these times that I first began to count calories. At first, I was counting calories to go along with the crazy diets I was but the ‘diets’ stopped and I was counting calories so I wouldn’t go over a certain number on a specific day (usually 1500). Towards the end of my actual ‘diet’ phase, it was more about the calories in/calories out. It was a constant number game, and on some days my “calorie count” could make or break me.

Even though I had lost almost 75+ pounds with all my crazy dieting, I still was just as unhealthy as when I had began .. except I was struggling mentally and emotionally. I was beat and realized that I couldn’t continue on the path that I was on because I was just making myself crazy. So, I needed to change. I needed a way of life not another f-ing diet. I began to learn more about healthy eating and living and through blogs, books, and some classes at school. I learned about what a calorie really was (fuel) and began to re-examine the food groups and macros.

Although my fad dieting is long behind me, there is still one habit that I have not been able to give up: calorie counting. It is almost like it is ingrained in my head; it is automatic. Although before I kept a food journal, now it is a mental log so at the at the end of the day I know where I stand.

I have thought about really trying to rid my life of the habit, but realize that it does provide me with some piece of mind. As someone who can emotionally eat, calorie counting does keep my mind from going crazy. I also use calorie counting for the opposite reason too. I count calories to make sure I have eaten enough energy for any given day. After all, it is calorie counting that allowed me to account for my unintentional weight loss last year. Calorie counting is a double-edged sword for me – although it does provide me some comfort, I also don’t like that is a behavior (just a personal opinion).

For now, it goes in ‘working on myself’ category and only the future will tell where this habit ends up…


Q. Do you count calories? Have you ever?

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First, I must say that I am uber excited that it is a lot warmer outside today and it even seems that Mr. Sun may make a guest appearance! For an area that has been doom and gloom for what seems like forever .. this is good. Very good. I even got to go outside on our porch veranda and just enjoy the weather without freezing my ass off in the rain. It’s the little things in life that totally make my day that much better…

Alas, it is also other ‘little’ things in life that totally urk me – not a day ruiner but more like a WTF moment maker…    And since ya’ll know how I love lists; what better way than to bitch about a few of these things that have left me a bit perplexed lately than with a LIST. I couldn’t think of a better way either; so let’s get started!

Dude. WTF (part 1):


The first on my list is coincidentally in regards to those three letters above: WTF. Now, it is not the actual words that causes me to lose my mind because ask anyone who knows me I have the mouth like a truck driver, it is the whole internet and texting craze with using letters as shorthand for expressions etc. It is getting a little lot out of hand. Some examples that I have seen on the internet (ala Facebook, obviously) and via text:

WTF: What the F**K               SMH: Shake My Head          LML:Love My Life         FML: F**K my life              ATM: At the moment             IMU: I Miss You                    STFU: Shut the F up      LOL: Laughing out loud

Now, I could probably go on and on with this list and still not cover all of the annoying shorthand out there. And, don’t get me wrong, I am all for saving a bit of time or a few chracters in your text message but this is getting out of hand.

2) Recent Restaurant Trends:

I love food. I love going out to eat with my BF to a resturant and just get some “me and him time” over a drink and a good meal. Lately, our experiences going out to eat have been sub-par at best…

I am in no way a picky diner. I am pretty chill and usually do not have any crazy demands – the only exception is that I am a plain kind of person. Usually if I order something I do have make a change or two to it,by omitting something I don’t like (like tomatoes or onions – blech) One thing that I have noticed lately more and more is that servers aren’t writing orders down, and instead just thinking they can memorize it. Now, if the waitstaff could actually do this and get my order right, things would be fine and dandy…but they suck; so they can’t. Therefore, almost every single time I go out to eat something with our order isn’t correct. Then, when we have to send our item back, our super-waitress who was too cool to write down our correct order in the first place, gets snippy with me. Really?

Other trends that are just plain annoying in the restaurant business:                                                                                               *Having to play tag with my waiter just to get a glass of ice water  *Having to pay for a bread basket  = LAME.


Yup. I am going to go there. Briefly, of course because I am just as big a fan of some reality shows as the next American however I feel like the content of some of these shows is really pushing the “someone actually gives a shit?” limit. I think it is bad enough that the Jersey Shore Cast makes more money for one season than most hardworking Americans yearly, but to each their own and clearly people are watching. But when I turn on the tv and see a reality show that follows some Rock/Flavor/Daisy/Real Chance of Love show (I mean, seriously, 4 different version of the same show?!?!) I can’t but help but roll my eyes. Of course, not all reality shows are created equally…

I couldn't help myself posting this...

Some are just dumber than others.


Well, now that I feel purged of my little annoyances I think I am going to take advantage of the sunshine today with a walk to the gym. It is too beautiful outside to be stuck inside!

Q. Anything leaving you saying WTF lately?


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May is seriously flying by, I can’t believe it is already the 23rd! I feel like this month has been lost though due to not unbelievably cold, crappy weather. The other day our weatherman said there have only been 84 hours of sunshine (here in Boston) so far this month – not cool Mother Nature not cool at all. You can definitely feel that people are starting to get affected by the constant clouds and rain; people are in a foul mood everywhere you go. Thankfully there seems to be an end near as it supposed to not only be sunny but also warmer this week. Hopefully a little vitamin D will perk everybody up!

Anyways since I constantly bitch about the weather moving on…

So, in following my attempt of trying to step out of my comfort zone, I decided that this week I am going to try and do a few things that I normally wouldn’t do. The first, is going to be to take a damn class at my gym. I still have not done one yet, all because I am wuss nervous. So, I really need to step up my A-Game and get to it. I am thinking maybe a strength training class or something like that. Sadly, by gym is lame and doesn’t offer body pump; which is am dying to try. I know they have their own version so maybe I will check that out. Another thing that I would like to start on is maybe meeting another blogger from the area. I don’t know anyone that blogs or has similar interests in health/food/fitness like I do, so it would be cool to meet someone who does. My only problem with this is that I can’t exactly take an ad out on craigslist for a fellow blogger friend now can I? I am going to have think of a plan on this one.

And, as I was typing this post up I got a fANNEtastic surprise from the mailman! My super cute t-shirts I ordered from Anne @ fannetasticfood. Love. So freaking cute.

Go visit her t-shirt shop if you haven’t already – her shirts are not only badass but adorable toboot! Big shout out to Anne who designed the carbs one for me! I even have a few others I am going to order. The question is: can I get my he-man of a BF to wear one too? Hmmm…



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How is it Sunday night already? I feel like this weekend completely flew by, probably because it was a weekend full of friends and fun. But aren’t those the best kind of weekends? Last night, we headed out to a birthday party that was also a pig roast. Yep, a pig roast.

At first, I was a little hesitant of said pig roast. I have only been to one other one, and that was years ago in Puerto Rico and it was a bit more of cultural experience than anything. Last night, however, it was not cultural. It was to eat! (I did not partake the eating of the animal and not because I am a vegetarian or anything – I am not)

Regardless of the roasting, it still was quite a fun night. There were two fires going (and thank goodness there was because it was seriously freezing! It is the middle of May and I had 2 coats on, gloves, and my scarf! I really hope it warms up soon…) with great friends and good conversation all around.


Then today we had a wedding to attend. Our neighbors, who are in their 60’s, decided to go before their friends and family and tie the knot! I thought it was so cute when that they decided to marry, regardless of their age and sadly failing health, and was touched to be a part of their special day.

It was so refreshing to see these two people so in love. Lately, all I hear in regards to marriage is how the divorce rate is rising and marriage as we know it isn’t working for a lot of people. Even in my personal life, being with someone who has been married before, many conversations about marriage and love have taken place. Seeing these two people so in love and devoted to each other, and taking their vows in their church was quite heartwarming.

It also got me thinking about why marriage today is not working for so many couples out there? Is it pressures from other aspects of their lives like financial or is it personal – like more and more couples are just ‘growing‘ and therefore lives are taking different paths. Personally, I don’t think people try hard enough to save their marriages. I know this is a bold statement – and just my opinion- but I feel like our society is so quick to give up on something that proves difficult or not easy as pie. Regardless of the reasons, it saddens me… Hopefully love and marriage will once again prevail.


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