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Well, Boston is alive and in full party mode due to Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup. Even though I don’t follow hockey at all, it is pretty cool that they won and I must admit it makes the city a great place to live in at the moment. The weather has been warmer too, so that means I am not a total bitch more time has been spent outdoors instead of stuck inside. Now if only that beach weather would come this way…

So, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today but had the urge to write. Good thing I had to go food shopping and it sparked my post for today: shit that annoys me at the grocery store. I am sure some of you sympathize.

1) Aisle Blockers

We all have seen these gems at the grocery store: Talking on their cell phones, reading box labels, or looking for an item way down the aisle all while completely blocking aisle. These people drive me crazy, and I have resisted the urge many times to move them out of the way myself.

2) Terrifying Kids

Now, not being a “kid person” may influence my annoyance about this one but there is nothing worse than being near a kid in the grocery store who is having a complete meltdown. Of course, I get that being a parent is hard work but I guess feel that if you can hear a kid screaming because they can’t have chips throughout the whole store and the temper tantrum lasts more than like, 8 minutes, maybe a parent should take their child outside.

3) Express Lane Abusers

I will admit, that I have gone through the ’12 items or less’ lane with maybe 2 extra before. My number 3 is not those people. Number 3 is about the people that have a grocery cart overflowing with groceries. These people know they have a lot more than 12 items, but just do not care. This just means those of us with a gallon of milk to purchase are shit out of luck.

4) Oops, I forgot…

Have you ever been in the line at the grocery store, your items half on the conveyor belt when the person proclaims, “oh I just have to run and get ___ I’ll be right back!” Yea, this is asinine. If someone forgets something, they shouldn’t be able to hold up the line for 20 minutes for 20 minutes while they go and search for whatever they want.

5) Checking Out.

I feel like every time I go grocery shopping the store has like 1 cashier open. The rest of the ‘open’ lines are self-checkout. Now, in theory self-checkout lines would be a brilliant and time consuming part of shopping … if they actually worked! I am pretty sure 98% of the times I have used a self-checkout machine it has stopped working and turned into a huge fiasco.

I am sure myself and everyone else out there could come up with a few more to add to this list. This list is what I encountered just today while shopping! There is also the customer who holds the line up by sitting there and having a full blown conversation with the cashier. Or what about the coupon-crazy lady? I am all for the extreme-coupon craze and can appreciate a good savings – but if someone is going to spend 30 minutes organizing and using their coupons; then maybe they need to open a separate line. And of course, I forgot to mentions the gems that decide to wait until their entire order is bagged to deem it necessary to ‘put a couple things back’…

Am I forgetting anything? What annoys you most about food shopping?



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I decided to start coming to my little corner of the blog world and do some posts on self-improvement. My own self improvement. I have realized that lately I have been quite the negative nelly and I really am not liking it. I think I need to give myself a bit of a pep talk, put on my big girl undies, and take life by the horns…

Self Improvement: Negativity vs Positivity


I think everyone can attest to the fact that is it so easy getting caught up in negativity. Negativity is around us constantly, whether its from ourselves, a co-worker, family member, friend, or even the constant negative nelly on your facebook wall. Usually, I try to keep a somewhat positive approach to life. I try hard not to dwell on the past and try even harder not to worry about the future. Of course, having negative thoughts is pretty much second nature to all of us so its a lot easier to think negatively when things go awry than smile while shoveling shit and ‘look on the bright side’ of things – especially when things just aren’t going our way.

I feel like since our world is filled with so much negativity as it is; I really shouldn’t be adding to it. News these days is usually not good; between unspeakable crimes, the suffering economy, and people struggling to make ends meat; there is plenty negative already.

Of course, I don’t want to be one of those people that is always positive because honestly – that is just annoying. Almost as annoying as someone who is constantly complaining about life – almost.

Anyways, I have a plan. A plan that includes some things I am going to try in order to get some of my positivity mojo back:

1. Live in the moment

Although this may seem like a given, sometimes I feel myself being bothered by things in my past and in the present. Instead of worrying about something I can’t change (the past) or something that has yet to happen (the future) I need to focus on just being here, in the moment. I need to remind myself that I only have control over the present.

2. Focus on the positive

By reminding myself of the positive things in my life, I plan to shift my negative thinking. I am going to start listing at least five things that I am grateful for (doesn’t matter if its in a note, in my head, whatever) Doesn’t matter what it is – big or small – just has to be something I am grateful for. By

3. Stop Dwelling

This one is a major issue for me. I find myself getting so caught up in something that I usually end up dwelling on it for days. Yea, this needs to stop. If something doesn’t go the way I want it to, I just need to accept it, deal with it, and move on. Dwelling on negative issues/things is getting me no where.

and finally,

4. Turn that frown upside down

By that I mean that I am going to try and put a new ‘spin’ on anything crappy that happens to come my way..                       for instance: my ex-best friend pretty much took every idea that I had for my “dream wedding” (venue, reception ideas etc) I was pretty bummed about this especially the venue (I know this may seem petty) but I have decided to look at it in a different way: she doesn’t matter. I am still going to look at my original venue space and if its “it” then its it. I also am taking the opportunity to explore different reception ideas and am looking at it as another opportunity to get creative!


Any other tips out there?



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