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I feel like every time I have logged onto something (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress) everything has changed! I am pretty sure I might lose my shit if one more person actually complains about the new layout of facebook. Seriously, who actually cares that much? I am really starting to think that Facebook has a goal of total world domination. However, I must throw in my two cents on the whole facebook change… IT SUCKS. I guess I do not understand why the mastermind people behind FB must keep changing it. It was fine the way it was (before the 25 updates) I don’t care who’s doing this and who is doing that I only care about the people that I am facebook stalking

Ok, so I really don’t give a sh*t about the changes in Facebook, but I do care that my wordpress is all crazy different. I had just started to get comfortable with WordPress and all its crazy tabs and then bam! Completely different. Figures. Oh well. I did use it as an excuse to give the old blog a bit of a makeover. She was looking a bit haggardly kind of like me

Speaking of changes, I have decided to hop on the healthy train that I clearly have fallen off. I completely stopped working out for a while there, and honestly just feel sluggish and crappy. I do find that when I go the gym and break a sweat 4-5 times per week – I feel better not only physically but mentally as well. I have been the ultimate lazy ass lately and need to knock it off. Immediately.

I also decided to take 2 online classes from the local community college. Even though I technically “graduated” from the 2 year school last year, I figure I might as well keep my brain in tip-top shape and not get any dumber.

Oh and after a massive search of anything that resembled a wedding venue; we finally have a date and location.

Amy = 1 / Wedding Devil = 0





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If you missed part 1 click here: Some things and Dude.WTF (Part 1)

I figured it was high time for a little ‘bitch on my blog because I can’. I realize that in the grand scheme of things; the things that do make look twice are the “little things” in life but nonetheless they still make me say WTF:

1. Inappropriate use of UGG Boots

Now, I love my UGG boots. They are comfortable and warm, and especially useful in our cold New England winters. Lately I have seen UGGs being the main focal point for some ugly outfits. Specifically wearing UGG boots with shorts:

Um, this not only looks sloppy but all around ugly. Uggs are meant to keep you and feet warm. Not to be thrown on in the middle of summer just because you are lazy and couldn’t find your flip flops. I also have seen Uggs with sweatpants. Ok, this just makes you look like a homeless person. Uggs should NOT be paired with: shorts, sweatpants/tracksuits, and formal wear.

2.  Fall Fashion: Fur

What is up with all the faux fur? Especially the fur boots. I can 100% say that these boots that are taking over the fall/winter fashion trends are the ugliest things I have ever seen. They kind of remind me of something I would use to clean my floors.

3. Pointless Facebook Groups

Some of the Facebook groups and pages that have been popping up are just straight stupid. Like the Facebook page titled: Napkins. Really, who deemed it necessary to make a facebook page about napkins? Or how about the group about people who hate when one of their hoodie strings is longer than the other? The fact that someone had the time in their day to create this group makes me question the human race as a whole.

Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg on the stupidity on Facebook.



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Summer is by far my favorite time of year. Unlike most New Englanders, I actually LOVE the humidity and the 95 degree days. When Summer actually starts here in the Bean is up for debate. By the end of April, most of us are so miserable due to the winter that we usually ‘pretend’ the weather is summer-like. That is when things get sketchy: girls in booty shorts, flip flops worn in 50 degree weather, guys in cut off jean shorts circa 1990. You get the idea. And I would like to say that things get better here as the real summer weather approaches, but it doesn’t. It just gets worse…

Shit that is Annoying about People in the Summer:

1. Big Sunglasses

I am all for rocking out a pair of nice sunglasses, especially during the summer. A good pair of sunglasses can you from feeling drab to fab in minutes. That being said, sunglasses are just like any other thing you were: they need to ‘fit’ you. Sadly, a whole lot of people missed the memo on this one (men included) and both sexes are wearing some big-ass sunglasses this summer. Some of the sunglasses I have seen are absolutely, positively too big and look, well..  dumb. My feeling is that if your sunglasses literally take up half of your face, you may want to consider getting a smaller pair. Unless you have something to hide…

2.  Tanning

This has to split in two because it just that serious, clearly (thanks Jersey Shore)

Sunless Tanning:

I understand the spray tanning phenomenon, I really do. People are flocking to spray tanning salons because they aren’t really feeling the whole skin cancer thing. That’s cool. What is not cool, however, is all the people walking around looking like they just rolled around in a bag of Doritos. This whole “I am orange and my face and body look dirty” look I am just not understanding…

Extreme Tanning:

Personally, I like a summer glow. I don’t like walking around completely pale, and with a SPF 30 I can still get that summer glow without looking like a complete leather-face. However, I draw the line at those who spend their entire ‘tanning’. It is like the Snooki wanna-be’s are taking over the world..

I also don’t understand those that people I see at the pool and beach who are completely sunburned from head to toe (and still out in the sun) These smarty pants must the people that completely convince themselves that they are brown when they really are red… You know who I am talking about; everyone knows one.

3.  Unnecessary Skin Showing

Summer = warmer weather = less clothing. I get it. I really do. This is more about those that deem it necessary to walk around with their ass hanging out of their shorts/skirts. Or better yet, think I want to see them walking around in public in their two-sizes-too-small swim suit on (and nothing else) Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for embracing our bodies and rocking what our mama’s gave us but on the other side of that, I also feel it is important to know what works for us and what doesn’t and think that we should keep our bodies sacred and not walk around with everything hanging out all over the place…

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