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Happy Opening Day!

The Red Sox opened up their baseball season against the New York Yankees at Fenway today and it really is like a holiday in Boston! Rumor has it that opening day at Fenway Park is the highest “sick” day and “skip” day in the state… and I totally believe it. The boyfriend and I ventured into Fenway Park around 11:30 AM, leaving us plenty of time to actually get into town and get ourselves settled into our destination: The Cask n Flagon

Needless to say, even at noon time, the place was already packed inside and there was a line to get into the place. But, we seemed to have timed it really well because it we inside by about 12:20 pm. We decided our best course of action was to put our name in for a table; I had a $100 gift card and neither of had eaten yet, so we figured by the time our table was ready, we would also be ready to eat some pub grub and enjoy our beverages sitting down. And that is exactly what happened. They told us it would be about an hour wait; but it only ended up being about 40 mins.

Once we sat, the first thing on my mind was the Cask’s home-made pita chips. They seriously are so good, and taste just like Stacy’s. Yum. We got the buffalo chicken dip, but the boyfriend dominated that while I completely chowed on my pita chips. One thing about me is that I love NACHOS. If I see nachos on the menu, I will probably order them just to order them and see where they stand on my nacho meter. Sadly, the nachos at the Cask didn’t even get an “eh” from me. Moving on…

We knew we were going to be spending the afternoon at the bar, so we took our time with our apps and drinks. The boyfriend started with a Blue Moon, but once he realized there was a Magner’s Hard Cider on the menu, he quickly switched. I had a vodka, soda, with a splash of lemonade. (I don’t drink beer – have tried to like it, but don’t. I also don’t like the majority of wines either — this leaves me little options when going out)

Then, it was game time:

I could not help myself...

During the game, I ordered a ham and turkey sandwich on 5 grain toasted bread, with the Cask’s chips. It was nothing to write home about. What was something to write home about? ◊ WE WON THE GAME! ◊ After a really tough start, the Red Sox busted out a win against the hated Yankees. It was a crazy good game and the excitement in the bar was incredible. Phew, I hate to see what would have happened if things had gone differently…

After the game was over, we decided to head back to our neck of the woods. The crowds after the game was over was absolutely insane, and the later it gets on Opening Day, the more crazy people get. You know how that goes…

All in all it really was a fantastic day! I got to spend it with the boyfriend, the weather wasn’t too cold, AND the RED SOX WON. I mean, how much more can a girl ask for. (Hopefully the Sox improving their 1-6 record)

-Till next time…



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Happy Hump Day! Or Wednesday! Whichever you prefer. When I woke up this morning and actually saw that the sun was out I was beyond thrilled! The weather really affects my mood for some reason, and it has been raining here for the past few days. So needless to say, I was a bit of a cranky-pants yesterday — especially after spending 2 hours at a doctor’s appointment and having to get blood drawn…

Some random hump day musings:

1) Yesterday, I snagged this photo (with my phone!) of the Bunker Hill Monument, which is near my doctor’s office. Believe it or not, it was pouring buckets while I was taking this photo. You would never know.

2) A while back, I had a temper tantrum because the boyfriend didn’t have time to hang the iron holder. (You know, those plastic ones that hang on the wall for the iron and ironing board?) I decided to hang it myself: except I saw the plastic pieces that the screws go into but threw them aside and just went screw into wall style. He came home the next morning, saw my “work”, and told me one day down the line it was going to fall. Well, he was right. The whole thing came crashing down on me today. All I could I do was laugh… I hate when the boyfriend is right.

3) Today, my nails were wet on my right hand and I went to go brush my teeth. I am a righty, and tried brushing my teeth with my left hand. It was awkward. And weird.

4) Continuing on the random trend, I also realized today that I go through A LOT of toilet paper. My boyfriend has accused me of extreme toilet paper use on more than one occasion. This has lead to my confession that: Yes, I go through a lot of toilet paper. I am not a three sheet kind of girl — more like ten . This is bad for many reasons: environment, it is wasteful, and is unnecessary. Unfortunately, I do not see a solution to this problem in my future…

Source: Google Images

Moving on…


So today, The boyfriend and I went out on a mini-date tonight. It was nice to get out and just have some “us” time. We have been trying to cut back on going out so much – it is a real bad habit of ours – but I find it is difficult when he has different nights off every week. So, in an attempt to save some dough, I figured two nights out a week is not going overboard. Or is it? I guess I wonder if other couples go out to eat as much as we do…. hmm.

We went to one of our favorite spots – John Brewers Tavern. It is a great spot to just hang out at the bar, and the food is actually quite good. Except, I am pretty lame and always order a ham and cheese panini with sweet potato fries. The panini isn’t on the menu, but they always are accommodating; and they always make a delicious sandwich for me.  The boyfriend had the black and blue scallops – which were scallops cooked with Cajun spices topped with a bit of blue cheese. Yea, they were pretty delicious as well. And, that usually is how we roll… I stick to my “basics” and always order the same things and he orders whatever he fancies at that moment – and I get to taste. It works.

So, that’s about it for this edition of Random Hump Day musings…


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