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Well, Boston is alive and in full party mode due to Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup. Even though I don’t follow hockey at all, it is pretty cool that they won and I must admit it makes the city a great place to live in at the moment. The weather has been warmer too, so that means I am not a total bitch more time has been spent outdoors instead of stuck inside. Now if only that beach weather would come this way…

So, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about today but had the urge to write. Good thing I had to go food shopping and it sparked my post for today: shit that annoys me at the grocery store. I am sure some of you sympathize.

1) Aisle Blockers

We all have seen these gems at the grocery store: Talking on their cell phones, reading box labels, or looking for an item way down the aisle all while completely blocking aisle. These people drive me crazy, and I have resisted the urge many times to move them out of the way myself.

2) Terrifying Kids

Now, not being a “kid person” may influence my annoyance about this one but there is nothing worse than being near a kid in the grocery store who is having a complete meltdown. Of course, I get that being a parent is hard work but I guess feel that if you can hear a kid screaming because they can’t have chips throughout the whole store and the temper tantrum lasts more than like, 8 minutes, maybe a parent should take their child outside.

3) Express Lane Abusers

I will admit, that I have gone through the ’12 items or less’ lane with maybe 2 extra before. My number 3 is not those people. Number 3 is about the people that have a grocery cart overflowing with groceries. These people know they have a lot more than 12 items, but just do not care. This just means those of us with a gallon of milk to purchase are shit out of luck.

4) Oops, I forgot…

Have you ever been in the line at the grocery store, your items half on the conveyor belt when the person proclaims, “oh I just have to run and get ___ I’ll be right back!” Yea, this is asinine. If someone forgets something, they shouldn’t be able to hold up the line for 20 minutes for 20 minutes while they go and search for whatever they want.

5) Checking Out.

I feel like every time I go grocery shopping the store has like 1 cashier open. The rest of the ‘open’ lines are self-checkout. Now, in theory self-checkout lines would be a brilliant and time consuming part of shopping … if they actually worked! I am pretty sure 98% of the times I have used a self-checkout machine it has stopped working and turned into a huge fiasco.

I am sure myself and everyone else out there could come up with a few more to add to this list. This list is what I encountered just today while shopping! There is also the customer who holds the line up by sitting there and having a full blown conversation with the cashier. Or what about the coupon-crazy lady? I am all for the extreme-coupon craze and can appreciate a good savings – but if someone is going to spend 30 minutes organizing and using their coupons; then maybe they need to open a separate line. And of course, I forgot to mentions the gems that decide to wait until their entire order is bagged to deem it necessary to ‘put a couple things back’…

Am I forgetting anything? What annoys you most about food shopping?



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Can you guess where I went by my title? I would hope so. Heh. Today was a pretty lame day and I have nothing of any value to write so I am just going to babble, probably because all the excitement happened in the wee hours of the morning…

Before Joe came into my life today, we had a snafu here at the homestead at about oh, 3:30 AM. Yes, 3:30 this morning our fire alarm went off in our townhouse. Now, when I tell you that the fire alarms at my complex are the loudest things I have EVER heard, I kid you not. It is deafening. At first, we thought it was our place that was responsible for the alarms. After running around like chickens with no heads for a good 10 minutes, we finally realized that it was our whole section (there are four townhouses in each section) that the alarms were blaring. Of course, the fire department came and had to break into the end unit. There was not even anyone home in the unit, so they had to break down the door. It was quite the scene and the alarms didn’t get shut off until 4:15 ish. Of course, the alarms started right when I feel asleep (I had major sleep issues last night) so I didn’t fall back asleep until 6:30 am. #firealarmfail

Oh, yea and there was no fire…

Needless to say, I was not feeling that great today. I was groggy and sluggish and even my workout didn’t pep me up like it usually does. I had quite a few errands I was supposed to run today, but only managed one: A trip to Trader Joes.

I was actually only searching for one thing: honey roasted sesame sticks. I am obsessed. But of course, once I deem obsessed about a certain item I can never find it. (Does this happen to anyone else?) I didn’t find my sticks, but I did find these babies:

Holy YUM.

Salty goodness at it’s finest. I also grabbed a bag of clementines – sadly I think our citrus here in New England is no longer at it’s peak season, boo. but on a positive note, I guess that just means berries and watermelon will be in my near future. Man I love me some watermelon. I wish I had some right now actually…

But I also wish I had some honey roasted sesame sticks.


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Guilt is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person realizes or believes—accurately or not—that he or she has committed an offense, wrong, etc. It is an affective state in which one experiences conflict at having done something that one believes one should not have done (or conversely, having not done something one believes one should have done).

As I touched upon yesterday in my post, I am a person that has suffers from “non” exercise guilt. Imagine my surprise when Guiltless posted on a similar topic last night. (For those who have not checked out Guiltless — Do it. You won’t be disappointed)

For me, it isn’t so much exercise guilt as it is NON exercise guilt. I don’t feel like I need to work off calories or earn my dinner. Instead, I find myself feeling lazy and therefore – guilty, when I don’t workout or exercise. I am a believer in “active rest days” so when a day comes that I have done nothing active, I get down on myself and end up feeling guilty about feeling the way I do. In the past, there have even been days where I have given a certain choice of food a second thought, due to the fact that I had been lazy and not exercised on that particular day. Albeit, these feelings haven’t caused me to change my choice as of late, but was definitely more of an issue while I was actively trying to lose weight. During my weight loss days, I would feel that not exercising would “undo” my work for that day. I also was very ill-informed and now look back at the disordered thinking I had with amazement (and not the good kind)

Although, I can say today that as every day passes I become more informed and more “in tune” with my feelings as well as my body. As far as my exercise “non” guilt is concerned, I feel that as long as I continue to make strides in recognizing this harmful way of thinking and feeling, I believe one day I will overcome these feelings completely.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As I had said in one of my very first posts, my weight loss battle was and still is something that I don’t know how to quite to classify and explain. I have said in the past that I had tried every diet out there and my weight loss was definitely not done in the healthy, recommended way the majority of the time. I have made two very important realizations regarding this aspect of my life since embracing a healthy lifestyle:

1) Recognizing disordered thinking (regarding weight loss, body image etc) can lead to an opportunity to fix such thinking.

2) The more informed I become about healthy living, the more I want to live a healthy life.

¤  Mentally ¤ Emotionally ¤ Physically ¤

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I realize this post is quite jumbled and all over the place, and I apologize. I felt just “off” today and have no idea what the dealio is. I go from cold to hot in a flash. I get that feeling where I just want to crawl out of my body and have a rental for a few hours. One thing that may be attributing to me feeling like poo is lack of sleep. It really is becoming a pain in the ass butt. Last night, I tried a new to me product called SleepMD:

Holy Nightmares. I am talking the type of gory nightmares that would make an excellent horror movie (like The Hills Have Eyes, and The Hostel) My panic and fear woke me up at 3 different points from 1:00 am – 5:30 am and then I tried falling back to sleep at 5:30 but couldn’t. So needless to say, I think it is safe to say that the 10 bucks I spent on this product goes in the loss column.

Such is life! Now, my bed is calling… let’s hope it is my name that it is calling! Here’s to a good nights sleep…


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Oh Monday! And a rainy, dreary, rainy Monday at that! Yuck. But, it could be worse: it could be snow! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and is having better Monday weather than Boston is!

I have been reading a lot of magazines lately (and not just my trashy gossip mags) and I feel like in every single health and fitness magazine I read there is an article on artificial sweetener and/or corn syrup/sugar. These articles got me thinking about my own diet and sweetener use. I very rarely have anything with corn sugar in it, but I am guilty of artificial sweetener use. On most days, I don’t eat too much “processed” food; however my downfall? Beverages. Without a doubt.

I will start my confessions with my morning beverage: coffee. I am a big coffee lover and drink it daily. Unfortunately, I sweeten in with the devil:


My morning cup of joe... In a soup bowl cuz thats how I roll.

I know. I know. Splenda is just a big bunch of chemicals that I am pumping through my body as I type this. But, I can’t help it. I have tried and tried to use truvia to sweeten my coffee but I just don’t like the way it makes my coffee taste. And starting out with a bad cup of coffee in the beginning of the day could quite possibly cause my whole day to be out of whack. And I just can’t have that.

On a more positive note, usually, for my “sweetener” purposes I use Truvia:



Now, when I say usually I mean I use truvia for the following things: sweeten fruit (like blueberries and strawberries), sweeten up greek yogurt (it is just too tart for me), baking, and pretty much anything else that requires sugar. Very rarely do I use real sugar, only because it totally affects me in ways I am really not a fan of… hello sugar crash! (*but to be a complete contradiction I am a candy addict. Not chocolate… candy. Like sweedish fish, gummy bears (Haribo of course) and sour patch kids to name a few. This is why I try to limit my sugar consumption because once I get started it is ugly – very very ugly)

But (and this is a very big but) I am huge flavored beverage drinker. I don’t drink soda, but do drink a ton of flavored waters and sports drinks:


This was on my nightstand next to me while I was blogging...


Yea, so you can see I am pretty much pumping myself with artificial sweeteners all day long. The vitamin water zero says that it is “naturally sweetened” with Stevia, but I take that information with a grain of salt because I have heard other stories about my beloved vitamin water that I really don’t even want to type out; and therefore read. The Powerade Zero and Mio water flavoring is chock full of sucralose and other scary chemicals. Other regulars in my thirst quenching rotation is Propel Zero and Lifewater Zero.

So, needless to say, I am a self-proclaimed chemical lover. Am I ashamed? Nope. Because, hey it could be worse…


Happy Monday!




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