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I feel like every time I have logged onto something (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress) everything has changed! I am pretty sure I might lose my shit if one more person actually complains about the new layout of facebook. Seriously, who actually cares that much? I am really starting to think that Facebook has a goal of total world domination. However, I must throw in my two cents on the whole facebook change… IT SUCKS. I guess I do not understand why the mastermind people behind FB must keep changing it. It was fine the way it was (before the 25 updates) I don’t care who’s doing this and who is doing that I only care about the people that I am facebook stalking

Ok, so I really don’t give a sh*t about the changes in Facebook, but I do care that my wordpress is all crazy different. I had just started to get comfortable with WordPress and all its crazy tabs and then bam! Completely different. Figures. Oh well. I did use it as an excuse to give the old blog a bit of a makeover. She was looking a bit haggardly kind of like me

Speaking of changes, I have decided to hop on the healthy train that I clearly have fallen off. I completely stopped working out for a while there, and honestly just feel sluggish and crappy. I do find that when I go the gym and break a sweat 4-5 times per week – I feel better not only physically but mentally as well. I have been the ultimate lazy ass lately and need to knock it off. Immediately.

I also decided to take 2 online classes from the local community college. Even though I technically “graduated” from the 2 year school last year, I figure I might as well keep my brain in tip-top shape and not get any dumber.

Oh and after a massive search of anything that resembled a wedding venue; we finally have a date and location.

Amy = 1 / Wedding Devil = 0





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Lately I have been extra complainie – yes, I am aware complainie may not be a word. If you have a problem with made up words, get over it. I don’t need the damn spelling police on my ass.

I wish I could blame my shit attitude on the one thing most women use as an excuse to be a bitch hormones or something super convenient like that. But I can’t.

In all honesty, I’ve been just fed up with people. Yup. People in general actually. People in the supermarket, people in line at the RedBox kiosk, a waitress or waiter here or an obnoxious Facebook friend there… Just freaking people. You are probably wondering why I’m so annoyed with people right? Well, let me give you some examples:

The supermarket: where do I even begin? Oh I know how about the woman the nearly ran her cart into me…twice. or there is the 85 year old deli dude (bless his heart) who handed me pound of cheese in four, yes FOUR different bags each a 1/4 big. And of course I can’t forget the crazy coupon nightmare that just had to ring in about 20 of her items separately so she could save a total of 25 cents. If it would’ve saved me from wasting 45 minutes of my time I would’ve gladly given her a whole dollar – a 75 cent profit!

The RedBox Kiosk: every freaking time I am at the RedBox kiosk trying to rent a movie or two, I always have a gem get right in line behind me straight away. And of course, every time its that person that stands so close to you that they are practically in your back pocket. They stand there, clearly invading my personal space, and even have the nerve to give off a sigh or two if I take more than 2 minutes… Dude, first of all how about backing up a few feet so I don’t have you breathing down my neck. Secondly, how am I supposed to pick a good movie if you’re freakin rushing me?
I think RedBox should put out one of those “stand here until available” signs to guide people in line etiquette. #justsaying

Restaurants: this one is a two-parter – double the fun!
Part 1 – I have worked in the food service industry at a few different restaurants so I know how difficult it can be sometimes. Any job that deals with the public is shit. That said, what the @$#% do I have to do to get a glass of water? Seriously? I swear I asked our server the other night at least 8 times for a glass of water. At least. And this shit happens all the damn time. I just don’t understand. I could understand if I didn’t order it, but water is the first thing I order every. time.
And speaking of going out to eat… I am convinced that Tommy and I have ‘worst waiter ever’ curse. Pretty sure because it seems like whenever we go out, we just have the absolute worst waiter/waitress ever. You know the type: wrong order, is great at the dissapearing act etc…

The facebook friend you can’t delete because you will look like an ass: Now, I know I just bitched about Facebook the other day but I just had to clarify this: See, it isn’t the actual Facebook that annoys me, it is the people that use it! And I am sure you are saying to yourself “well, why not just unfriend them?” Come on, we all know it sometimes isn’t that easy. I am sure I am not the only one out there who has “friends” on the book that take annoying to a whole new level but they are the type of facebook friend that if you delete them, they will know and you will look like an ass. Whether it is a co-worker, childhood friend, or even a family memeber for petes sake — you just can’t give them the old defriend. So, again — not Facebook… people abusing facebook!

Are people in life getting more and more annoying? Or is it me…

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Seriously, sometimes the whole 3-day weekend thing really screws me up. The remainder of the week, I am usually a day late and a dollar short. This would make a lot more sense if I had a job… but I don’t so technically I have no real reason to not know what day it is.

Another hang up I am having? Where the hell is this Summer going? I cannot believe it is already July 8th. We finally had some summer weather round these parts the past few days.. HOT summer weather – like in the 90’s. Honestly, I love it. The humidity, the heat. Bring it on. Sadly, our stretch of nice days ended today when I woke up to a dreary ass day. Figures.

That said, days like this get me a little wonky sometimes, and therefore a little random. So, I figured I would post a bunch of random crap in my post today – because like I said, it is that kind of day.

Fridays Jibber Jabber:

– The Casey Anthony Trial: Yes, I know I will probably get some flack for putting this out there, but honestly I think the whole situation has gotten out of control. I did not even need to put on the news to find out information about the trial, as it littered my facebook and twitter feeds (and it is still all over my Facebook wall days later…)

Obviously, I find it heart-breaking what happened to that little girl, but the sad truth is that a lot of other children are found dead/presumed murdered .. and yes sometimes by a loved one. What makes this story different than the other ones? The sad stats on the amount of kidnapped children (daily even) is horrific, but I never see their stories on my news. Although I do think that Caylee Anthony deserves justice, I also think every other child out there does too.

My issues aren’t just with the national coverage though, as I feel that the uproar in regards to our justice system is unecessary. Yes, we all know that Casey Anthony is a liar, manipulator, and all around big cu next tuesday. Did she murder her child? My opinion only here, but I am not sure. Do I think she had something to do with the child’s death? Yes. Do I think her intent was to kill her own child? I don’t know.

Even though the majority of people in our nation think she is guilty the truth of the matter is that she was found not guilty by a jury. There was reasonable doubt, according to said jurors, and it is done. As for our legal system: yes the prosecution made some errors and probably over-charged her for the evidence they had that was eligible to be introduced to the jury.

But on the opposite side of that, our system is put in place so we can’t just pick up some Joe-Smo and find them guilty of a crime. There has to be evidence, and there has to be enough of it to find a person guilty. The jurors did not feel that was the case here and entered a not guilty verdict. And speaking of the jury and the slack they have been receiving…

They were doing their civic duty as Americans. I find it a bit hypocritical that all sorts of people can trash on the jurors when the fact of the matter is that when most get jury duty, all they do is bitch and try to get out of it.

Moving on to someone equally as terrifying

Jillian Michaels: Oh Jillian.. how I really haven’t missed you at all honestly. I did the 30 day shred video a while back and saw some results in terms of toning. I actually don’t mind her dvds that much and only sometimes do I feel the need to punch my tv. I decided that I wanted to do the 30 day challenge again (starting at the beginning of July)

Why a challenge? Well, a few reasons actually:

  • I am completely vain and wanted to do some toning before my 2 week vacation beginning on August 1
  • I know that during said vacation, I plan to enjoy myself to the fullest and need a detox afterwards
  • I was getting extremely bored in the gym, and this was demotivating me something fierce

So I started the Shred DVD on Monday (not quite the beginning of July clearly) and plan to do it daily for the most part. I also started on Level 2 and have gone back and forth between the first 2 levels. One thing I do like about any workout DVD is that it tells me exactly what to do. That is a major problem when I try and do strength training because I am clueless and usually just give up. At least I have a screaming lunatic who needs better sports bras to keep me doing the strength moves.

and lastly,

– Cape Cod Potato Chips: One thing that really annoys me is when I find a food item that I really like for it only to disappear from the shelves. Case in point: Cape Cod Five Cheese Chips. These chips were amazing.. as greasy and good as a cheesy chip can be. Of course, after a few weeks buying them at the grocery store all of the sudden I couldn’t find them anywhere (except a random small bag at a gas station – yes they are that good)

Then, I found my beloved cheese chips on Monday but quickly realized they had been changed. To whole grain sunchip-wannabe garbage.


Seriously Cape Cod? I am not too sure what you guys were thinking on this one but it is major fail. First off, your whole grain version is not even good and secondly, if I wanted a whole grain chip — I would eat Sun Chips. At least there chemicals are great-tasting.




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I decided to start coming to my little corner of the blog world and do some posts on self-improvement. My own self improvement. I have realized that lately I have been quite the negative nelly and I really am not liking it. I think I need to give myself a bit of a pep talk, put on my big girl undies, and take life by the horns…

Self Improvement: Negativity vs Positivity


I think everyone can attest to the fact that is it so easy getting caught up in negativity. Negativity is around us constantly, whether its from ourselves, a co-worker, family member, friend, or even the constant negative nelly on your facebook wall. Usually, I try to keep a somewhat positive approach to life. I try hard not to dwell on the past and try even harder not to worry about the future. Of course, having negative thoughts is pretty much second nature to all of us so its a lot easier to think negatively when things go awry than smile while shoveling shit and ‘look on the bright side’ of things – especially when things just aren’t going our way.

I feel like since our world is filled with so much negativity as it is; I really shouldn’t be adding to it. News these days is usually not good; between unspeakable crimes, the suffering economy, and people struggling to make ends meat; there is plenty negative already.

Of course, I don’t want to be one of those people that is always positive because honestly – that is just annoying. Almost as annoying as someone who is constantly complaining about life – almost.

Anyways, I have a plan. A plan that includes some things I am going to try in order to get some of my positivity mojo back:

1. Live in the moment

Although this may seem like a given, sometimes I feel myself being bothered by things in my past and in the present. Instead of worrying about something I can’t change (the past) or something that has yet to happen (the future) I need to focus on just being here, in the moment. I need to remind myself that I only have control over the present.

2. Focus on the positive

By reminding myself of the positive things in my life, I plan to shift my negative thinking. I am going to start listing at least five things that I am grateful for (doesn’t matter if its in a note, in my head, whatever) Doesn’t matter what it is – big or small – just has to be something I am grateful for. By

3. Stop Dwelling

This one is a major issue for me. I find myself getting so caught up in something that I usually end up dwelling on it for days. Yea, this needs to stop. If something doesn’t go the way I want it to, I just need to accept it, deal with it, and move on. Dwelling on negative issues/things is getting me no where.

and finally,

4. Turn that frown upside down

By that I mean that I am going to try and put a new ‘spin’ on anything crappy that happens to come my way..                       for instance: my ex-best friend pretty much took every idea that I had for my “dream wedding” (venue, reception ideas etc) I was pretty bummed about this especially the venue (I know this may seem petty) but I have decided to look at it in a different way: she doesn’t matter. I am still going to look at my original venue space and if its “it” then its it. I also am taking the opportunity to explore different reception ideas and am looking at it as another opportunity to get creative!


Any other tips out there?



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I love the Fourth of July… I feel like it is one of those holidays that has always meant so much to me, especially being from Boston where the celebration is weekend-long event.

One of the best parts of any holiday, especially the 4th of July, is getting to see my family. I not only get some beach time with a few fine ladies, but I get to see my Dad and his family as well as my cousins and Tias/Tios (aunt and uncles in Portuguese) on my Dad’s side. (There is nothing more entertaining than surrounding yourself with a whole bunch of Portuguese family members, FYI)

Another favorite part of the 4th of July is of course, the food. From cheeseburgers off the grill, pasta & potato salad, and fresh fruit – it seems that everything I eat the whole 4 day weekend just tastes that much better. The adult beverages are also that much more delicious

But my all time favorite 4th of July food item? Watermelon. Hands Down. It is so freaking good around this time that I have been eating about a watermelon to the face every other day… yea – straight addicted.

So far this weekend, I have a beach day and bbq under my belt – and I have another bbq at my Daddy’s house on the 4th. Sadly, I will be watching the fireworks from afar this year. Tommy has to work so we won’t be taking the walk to the Cambridge bridge to catch the fireworks display at the Esplanade. Kind of a bummer, but I am just thankful that I get to spend some time with Tommy on the actual 4th of July, as he has been working a lot. I have defintely been missing him lately…


And of course, the 4th is like the real start of Summer around these parts. I am excited for more summer fun and the hotter days to come… but for now I am going to enjoy the 4th with those that I love. and stuff my face with copious amounts of watermelon and alcohol

Happy 4th of July!!

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Life is not guaranteed. We all know this, yet we all take life granted sometimes. I know I do…

Today is different though. As I was fighting with the letter ” t ” on my keyboard, swearing up a storm and getting completely agitated – and actually letting out a big scream of frustration – I then stopped. I stopped and took a deep breath and just took a moment. This little moment caused me to realize how insane it was that I was getting so aggravated over something so little and meaningless. I then thought about, and you know what? I do that a lot. I get so caught up in the moment that I let the little things completely take over and turn my mood foul. So what if the dishes weren’t done. So what if the living room was left a mess. In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter all that much.

What does matter is that I am alive today. I am happy and am surrounded by people who love me with all their heart and soul. More importantly, I have my health. It seems lately that a bit of health issues have come up in the blog world, ranging from life threatening to lifestyle changing. Thankfully, I don’t have any major health issues and consider myself, for the most part, healthy. But I take it for granted every single day, and that needs to stop. I should be grateful that I can eat what I want, go where I want to go, and exercise however and whenever I want. I shouldn’t take advantage of all the things I can do, and I should be mindful of how I am treating my body… something I can admit to not always doing. I should be thankful that my family can afford to have food on the table and clothes on our backs. I should be thankful that Tommy comes home from work every night – and he is safe and sound. And I shouldn’t complain about not having friends – and be thankful for those that I do have. I shouldn’t take my parents for granted, and one day they won’t be here… I should call them more.

I could probably go on and on about what I should and shouldn’t do — but I wont… Life is too short to focus on the have and have nots. Instead, I am going to be around my family and be extra thankful for my life going to sleep tonight.

– – – – – –

When I came across the poster below, it really put everything into perspective for me. As cheesy as it sounds, I don’t think I found this poster by accident. I think it was just the universe trying to tell me a little something…

This poster says it all...


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*Disclaimer – this post is also a whole lot of nothing accompanied by an annoying number of photos. Can’t say I didn’t warn you…

Love the fact that:

– Summer is finally here. Hell freakin yes. I wait for this moment all year long, where I can retire the gloves, scarves, and winter apparel. Where I can leave the house without having to put on 3 pairs of socks and fight with the zipper on my Ugg boots. Flip flops rule.

– – – – – – – – – – –

I love my booze dad.

– I celebrated Father’s Day by doing a whole lot of the following: drinking, eating, more drinking, and then more eating. I think all holidays should be celebrated this way. Needless to say when Tommy’s daughter showed up last night with his ‘gift’ (a specially made cake with whipped cream cheese frosting, strawberries & whipped frosting in the middle, and the moistest vanilla cake I have ever tasted) I nearly lost my drunken’ shit. It was that good.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Love that Massachusetts is so screwed up that it is more beneficial (health insurance wise) to stay unemployed.

– Oh, I also have been thinking about whether or not it is financially “worth” it for us for me to go back to work. (I start classes back up in September) Turns out — it is not. Darn, and I was really hoping to slave away for shit money somewhere.


– – – – – – – – – –

I love lethal weapons that fit in my purse surprises?!

– Tommy came home the other day with a present for me. Isn’t it cute? Yea, it is just how we roll. Don’t judge.

No, it is not a water gun...


– – – – – – –

Told you this post was a whole lot of nothing lovin…


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