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I decided to start coming to my little corner of the blog world and do some posts on self-improvement. My own self improvement. I have realized that lately I have been quite the negative nelly and I really am not liking it. I think I need to give myself a bit of a pep talk, put on my big girl undies, and take life by the horns…

Self Improvement: Negativity vs Positivity


I think everyone can attest to the fact that is it so easy getting caught up in negativity. Negativity is around us constantly, whether its from ourselves, a co-worker, family member, friend, or even the constant negative nelly on your facebook wall. Usually, I try to keep a somewhat positive approach to life. I try hard not to dwell on the past and try even harder not to worry about the future. Of course, having negative thoughts is pretty much second nature to all of us so its a lot easier to think negatively when things go awry than smile while shoveling shit and ‘look on the bright side’ of things – especially when things just aren’t going our way.

I feel like since our world is filled with so much negativity as it is; I really shouldn’t be adding to it. News these days is usually not good; between unspeakable crimes, the suffering economy, and people struggling to make ends meat; there is plenty negative already.

Of course, I don’t want to be one of those people that is always positive because honestly – that is just annoying. Almost as annoying as someone who is constantly complaining about life – almost.

Anyways, I have a plan. A plan that includes some things I am going to try in order to get some of my positivity mojo back:

1. Live in the moment

Although this may seem like a given, sometimes I feel myself being bothered by things in my past and in the present. Instead of worrying about something I can’t change (the past) or something that has yet to happen (the future) I need to focus on just being here, in the moment. I need to remind myself that I only have control over the present.

2. Focus on the positive

By reminding myself of the positive things in my life, I plan to shift my negative thinking. I am going to start listing at least five things that I am grateful for (doesn’t matter if its in a note, in my head, whatever) Doesn’t matter what it is – big or small – just has to be something I am grateful for. By

3. Stop Dwelling

This one is a major issue for me. I find myself getting so caught up in something that I usually end up dwelling on it for days. Yea, this needs to stop. If something doesn’t go the way I want it to, I just need to accept it, deal with it, and move on. Dwelling on negative issues/things is getting me no where.

and finally,

4. Turn that frown upside down

By that I mean that I am going to try and put a new ‘spin’ on anything crappy that happens to come my way..                       for instance: my ex-best friend pretty much took every idea that I had for my “dream wedding” (venue, reception ideas etc) I was pretty bummed about this especially the venue (I know this may seem petty) but I have decided to look at it in a different way: she doesn’t matter. I am still going to look at my original venue space and if its “it” then its it. I also am taking the opportunity to explore different reception ideas and am looking at it as another opportunity to get creative!


Any other tips out there?




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