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Whew, what a whirlwind August has been. And I can’t believe the month is almost over. Where in the world did this summer go? August definitely flew by, probably because we were in Mexico for the first half of it. Speaking of Mexico, although our trip was absolutely magical, the plane ride down and back was not so great. Which leads me to another edition of the shit that really annoys me: plane edition…

I would like to consider myself a well-traveled person. I have been on a lot of planes and on quite a few holidays. Yet there is always that gem that feels it necessary to make the plane absolutely suck-ass for everyone else. Unfortunately, on our flights to Mexico we had a whole boat load of them.

1. The Smelly Food Person

I am a snacker. There is probably never a time where I don’t have a portable snack on my person, and a plane ride is no different. Whether it be chips, a protein bar, or even candy — I get bored on long flights and eating helps my boredom. What can I say. However, on the flight back to Boston the woman sitting in the aisle seat in our row was also hungry. Except she didn’t pull out a little snack — she pulled out the most offensive smelling enchilada wraps. I mean these things literally filled up the plane with the strongest odor of food I have even smelled.. even with a bit of curry for good measure.

In my opinion, I just don’t find this necessary. I feel like on a plane, where you are in a small compartment with many other people, you should take into consideration that maybe not everyone on the plane wants to smell your food. Next time, whip out a bag of potato chips — and not Doritos.

2. The ‘rush to exit the plane while pushing everyone else out of the way’ person:

I know, we have all just sat in a very uncomfortable seat for an extended period of time and are anxious to get the eff off the plane. However, I think it is just plane etiquette that the plane empty out from front to back. Don’t be in such a rush that you block me in my aisle so I can’t get to my carry-on and get off the plane too. It really will only take a few more moments, and I don’t think you will die waiting just one more minute.

3. The seat hogger

This one really drives me crazy. It is almost like people think because I don’t take every inch of my seat, they can just help themselves to my seat as well. I am a firm believer in personal space, and I don’t like it when the person next to me has both arms on the armrest; practically sitting on my lap. We each have our own seat for a reason…

4. The Seat Kicker:

It seems that no matter where I go, what airline I fly, I always, always get the seat kicker. On both flights to and from Mexico, I had the pleasure of a seat kicker. It was like every 4 minutes I would get a nice kick to the back of my seat. Of course, I would love to say that it was a child, and said child didn’t know better. But nope, it was two middle-aged men BOTH times. I don’t get it, do you not feel your foot ramming the seat in front of you?

and lastly,

5. The Crying Child

This one is tricky. I understand small babies are babies and all they do is eat, shit, and cry but when your in enclosed space for a lenghty amount time, a crying baby can really drive me to crazy. Especially when I can hear the cries  from over my headphones, that are blasting so loud in my ears I leave the plane with an earache. However, I am not a parent and therefore no diddly squat about children… but a child crying for 4 hours non-stop? Is that normal?? Whatever it is, it does serve me a personal purpose: birth control.




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Ah, the weather has been absolutely amazing here in Boston. The hotter, the better and yesterday I think it got up into the 80’s. Swoon. This past week the BF has been working pretty much non-stop, and he finally had a day off (he did have to work the night shift) A day off and the beautiful weather prompted us to take a field trip to the totally adorable town of Newburyport. (Here is our field trip via photos:)

Seriously, one of the cutest towns I have ever seen! Even though we came here last summer, we didn’t get a chance to walk around the town. But first, we needed fuel. My only request was that we ate outside, so we ended up at the Black Cow. We scored an amazing table outside on the patio, practically on top of the water. The view was amazing! I loved seeing the hustle and bustle of the fishing boats as they prepare for the summer season…


After fueling up, I was on mission to walk into the center of town. I love quaint, little towns (being from a busy city and all) so I feel in love with this place. The streets are lined with shops of all kinds, and the BF and I just enjoyed walking around and getting in some talk time with each other.


The center of town...


After walking around town, we decided to follow the path along the water on the way back to where we had parked.


 I don’t think I could asked for better weather. We had even seen some teenagers who were soaked from head to toe (guess they couldn’t handle the heat?)

It really was just a perfect day (not just weather wise; but face time with my BF wise too!) and it makes me excited for the summer months ahead…



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Lately, I feel like everywhere I turn I see Las Vegas: the television, my favorite blogs, billboards, and my trashy magazines. I have only been to Las Vegas once, and it was last July. I absolutely LOVED it:

* First, I am have to note the only “con” in regards to going to Vegas from Boston: the plane ride. We couldn’t get a direct flight out there so we ended up leaving our house for the airport at about 3:30 am for the first flight out. With out connecting flight, our travel time was about 8 1.5 hours. Yea, def not fun. Although we did catch the red eye on the way back, so it wasn’t as bad, but still 5 1/2 hours on a place is BRUTAL.

However, travel time aside Vegas was awesome. First thing I noticed right off the bat was how warm it was! Ahhh, 105 degrees? Yes! It was a different heat than anything I had ever felt (it was “dry” heat) and I could live in those high temperatures every day of my life. I believe it got as high as 107 degrees on the July days we were there! Perfect for the pool at our hotel: The Flamingo.

I thought the Flamingo was a great place to stay. We upgraded to a Go Room, and it satistfied our needs just fine. There were two pools (one adult) that made for excellent days:

And the grounds of the Flamingo were lush with all sorts of animals, flowers, and of course: Flamingos!

We spent our days by the pool (we are horrible tourists) and our nights exploring the strip…

– – – – – – – –

One thing that I would recommend to anyone visitng Las Vegas is the Cirque Du Soleil show. I was legit blown away. We saw the “O” show at the Bellagio and it was simply amazing. It is like nothing I had ever experienced before, and in all honesty just want to revisit Las Vegas just to see another Cirque show.

– – – – – – – – –

Since I am lame, and am not a professional travel reviewer, I will leave you with a few more of my favorite moments:

I really, really want to go back….

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Hello and happy Thursday! Or otherwise known as: Travel Thursday. (In case you are wondering, yes I just made that up.) Anywho, I was ellipticalling (yes, I am making that a word) away today getting a sweaty workout in daydreaming, when I saw a commercial for Aruba, which then lead to me coming home and reminiscing about our trip there in2009.


As much I love, love, love Mexico … Aruba was definitely a paradise of it’s own. Like, literally, a paradise. The weather while we were there (and from what I understand – like all the time) was A-MAZ-ING. It was also some of the weirdest weather I had ever been in. Although the skies were bright blue every day, and high 80’s – low 90’s — a rain would come through. It wasn’t like a rainy day type rain, but more of like a rain cloud; and it lasted for about a minute. Really, a minute. Then, it would sunny again and the rain would be a forgotten memory. Another aspect of the weather that I loved was the tradewinds. There was always a slight breeze, that was just … perfect. It wasn’t overpowering in any way, and just seemed to cool us off right when we needed it. (I have heard that the tradewind also makes for some awesome windsurfing weather…)

We stayed at the Marriott Resort in Palm Beach. The accommodations were actually quite lovely, as the resort had just done a major renovation. I got the room for a steal price; and actually found out for a similar room others were paying double. (I am an animal at finding travel deals *pats herself on back*) With 2 pools, and the beach just steps away, it really ended up being a great place to stay.

While eating breakfast, this little guy decided he needed his sugar fix.

These guys were EVERYWHERE!


Now, onto to one of the more important aspects of our trip: the food. Oh. My. Word. I ate some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life, in Aruba. (I do have to note here that the dining is also why Aruba became a pretty pricey week-long vacation. Although we ate the breakfast buffet at our hotel and usually found something inexpensive and random for lunch – our dinners were all eaten out and at recommended restaurants via research) Some of the my favs were: Sunset Grille , Madame Janette (what an amazing dining atmosphere!), I also had the best italian meal of my life (yes, my life) at Gianni’s Italian Restaurant. Lastly, El Gaucho was definitely some great eats.


Madame Janette'sMadame Janette’s (the whole place was like this – super cool!


Of course, we also hit up some of the more touristy places like Senor Frogs, Hard Rock cafe, and the Sopranos Piano Bar.


And that, my friends, pretty much sums up our vacations. Aruba was no different: Good Drinks, Great Food, Sun, and of course, fun.. And since I am super lame, and don’t know how to do a photo collage, I am going to try and not go photo-overload — and post some pics from our trip…

I gave this lil fur baby a cracker.. he was a stray and I contemplated keeping him. Seriously.

Till next time…


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